The School of Integrative Healing

Helping high achievers and entrepreneurs grow personally and professionally through multi-dimensional healing modalities and mentorship.

The School of Integrative Healing is for the high achiever who is ready to transform every aspect of their life

The human who is here to say FUCK YES to effortless wealth, love, purpose, health, healing, feeling and becoming the empowered creator of their life. I am going to be honest, I truly believe that anything is possible, and if you spend enough time with me it is likely that you will too.

TSIH is an all encompassing method to help you shed the past, so you can rise, change your destiny, and create the life that you actually want.

Payment plans also available. Just contact us!

  • Are you committed to living a huge life, and doing whatever it takes?
  • Do you identify with being a high-achiever, action-taker or spiritual entrepreneur?
  • Do you consider yourself an empowered creator and want to step into even more level of your limitless nature?
  • Are you here to say FUCK YES to limitless wealth, lifelong growth, deep life alchemy, more love, more joy and always stepping into new levels of possibility?
  • Are you willing to do what it takes to change? 

courses available on purchase

Remember a new course is added monthly, this is what is available currently in your library:

  • The Science of Getting Rich (€555)
  • The 4 Pillars of Building a Multidimensional Business 1 (€5555)
  • The Breath-work Library (€1500)
  • The IH Modalities Course (€12k)
  • Inner Alchemy Hub (€1800)
  • Awaken the Wild Women (€3800)
  • Bonus facilitators library (everything from social media strategies with Brendan Kane to Barre with the Oona Series)
  • The IH business training hub (€2000)
  • Manifestation Hub (€2222)

What people are saying...

The Ih Core Course

(Pre-recorded & can be bought separately, please message for a link)

The Physical Body

Understanding the impact of stress and trauma on the physical body

How to heal from stress, anxiety and trauma

The nervous system & the hormonal system: the foundation of human health

How to heal and balance your hormones

The food mood connection

What is a balanced diet?

Creating your own bio-individual diet

Comprehensive Health Analysis test results

Time to buy products and make the necessary dietary changes 


The Emotional and Mental Body

Rituals and routines

Doing less as a lifestyle – gratitude list, should vs could and stop/keep/start

Stress stoppers (an introduction to mindfulness, pranayama, nature connection, channel your creativity and yin yoga)

The menstrual cycle and stress management within business and leadership

Emotional release and the body

Trauma release and the nervous system

Inner child alchemy

Belief work + reprogramming the unconscious mind

The emotion code

The Souls Body

How to heal vaginal infections

Sexual healing and de-armouring

Connection with the womb

What is the divine feminine and masculine energy and how to activate and balance both. How living more in our feminine can open us up to a more abundant (time, joy, love, money) lifestyle

The drama triangle

Shadow work

Creating a healthy relationship with the Self


The Energetic Body

An introduction to shamanism

Healing trauma the shamanic way

How to become the empowered creator of your life 

Fire ceremony

Techniques to become the conscious creator of your life and empower your clients to do the same

Membership hub including multiple multimodality courses, including the core IH course. As well as private podcast and meditation channel.

New monthly intensive trainings (topics will alternate from business to peak performance and self-healing).


IH core course workshops streamed into the fb group 3 times month (life-long access)

Guest workshops by leaders in their field (e.g. sexuality, relationships, shamanism and menstrual intimacy)

CEO weeks.

Most people within the school are creating big lives, and for that we need time and spaciousness to be CEOs.

Supportive and private Facebook community

2 transformational fb lives 3 times per month to keep you on track (available whilst you are an active student + in the private group)

Personalised comprehensive Health Analysis and group session to understand your results

Fuck yes, I’m ready to invest…

Full Training


or 12 payments of €1600

Additional payment plans also available. Just contact us!

Additional payment plans also available. Just contact us!


This program is for all women who believe in being self led + are ready to take full responsibility for their healing. The School of IH is all about self healing, so if you are looking for someone to heal you this is the wrong course for you.

On that topic, if you are choosing to join this course from a place of wanting to be healed by someone else, know that this School is not for you. I don’t heal anyone, I educate you to heal and lead yourself. The School of IH is a place for educating badass genius woman who have a vision and wanna live an extraordinary life. Don’t worry if you don’t feel fully in your power yet, that is the point of this work.

Lifetime access to the membership portal + the Thursday workshops. Access to the daily practices is only available when you are in the school.

No refund policy. We believe in self leadership, and taking full responsibility for your commitments.

Mondays 6pm (fb live)

Wednesday 6pm (fb live)

Thursdays 9am (zoom)

Fridays (fb live)

For those of you who cannot make it, the recorded sessions will be uploaded after every group call.

  • There is a client care team that’s soul job is supporting YOU.
  • A Facebook group is established for all the people going through the course. This is the best place to ask questions and share experiences.
  • All IH students also have access to 10/15min calls with our support queens Tamsin + Noor. They also handle all the mechanics and structural parts of IH so are the ladies to reach out too. 
  • If you have any urgent, private or other enquiries you can also email
  • Jana is only available during teaching times.

You can email, book in a call with Jana’s team or message Jana directly (@janabartlettalonso) for more information regarding the course.