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Jana (HAH-nah) Alonso is a renowned integrative healer and business growth strategist with a deep commitment to helping individuals achieve high levels of wealth, joy, love, impact, and growth. As the founder of The School of Integrative Healing, Jana has developed a powerful system of healing that combines multiple modalities and dimensions to provide transformative experiences for her clients. Jana went from making €400 a month, to making her first million using a combination of the practical strategies she teaches, but more than anything the inner work.

Jana takes a unique approach to business growth, recognizing that success demands a holistic understanding of our multidimensional nature. She believes that thriving in business involves not only addressing the physical and practical aspects but also our emotional and mental patterns, our soul connection, and energetic mastery. In her role as a trauma healing expert, Jana is dedicated to assisting individuals in healing from past traumas, as she considers trauma healing an essential component of the integrative healing process. Her ultimate goal is to support clients in attaining emotional and physical well-being helping them reach their full potential.

Jana’s exceptional abilities as an educator and mentor have guided numerous individuals towards transformative personal and professional development. With an unwavering dedication to integrative healing and fostering business growth, she is wholeheartedly committed to empowering others to reach their utmost potential.

Corinne Eckert

“Her way of teaching is fun and empowering as she makes complex ideologies digestible and actionable to everyone listening. What I love in how Jana speaks is that she delivers her message in a way that holds you to a higher expectation. It is clear that Jana truly believes everyone has higher potential waiting to be unlocked.”

Michelle Goldner

“Jana, speaks real, authentic, soul-led, no BS truth about life and how we need to heal and evolve psycho-energetically in life, love, soul and business. She cuts to the core of your blocks and sheds a light on your deep dark desires. Her honesty, truth and beautiful realness illuminates your soul, speaks to your heart and wakes you up to life. She stirs things within me no human has been able to. She is real, genuine and beautiful inside out, the person we all need in our corner. I am forever grateful meeting and working with Jana.”

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