OVERFLOW: 4 steps to make your business more fun, joyful + profitable

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overcoming entrepeneur pressure

Lots of people began their online businesses because it promised them freedom, more money, and joy…and yet they find themselves in EVEN more stress than before. Increased income, is matched with increased expenses, team costs + fear of not hitting those high cash goals.  

This session is for those who:

  • Aren’t afraid of hard work, and yet are ready to have more fun too
  • Are ready to let go of entrepreneur pressure to perform, stress + money fear
  • Want the money (yay for cash), but also want the fun, the joyful creation + lightness too

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joyful money

In this class, we’ll teach you how to make money from a grounded place of inspiration, fun, bliss, + joy, instead of pressure, “not feeling enough-ness” + stress. Don’t worry this isn’t another manifestation class (even though it will include energetics), it will also be balanced with actual business strategy. Today you’ll learn:

  • Grounded practical money-making strategies 
  • The emotional work you need to do on the way to have fun as you build
  • A repeatable process that you can use to create joyful cash

multidimensional wealth

What does wealth mean to you? To me it means ever increasing levels of love, joyful existence, living in a home you adore, a healthy body, a face with a frequent smile, laughing a lot, a life of purpose AND a very healthy bank account. Today we will be discussing the art of multidimensional wealth, not just cash:

  • How to create a life that is prosperous in all areas
  • The science behind multidimensional wealth
  • The exact processes I have used so that every year is better than the last

stepping into your greatness

In this live bonus class, we will talk about the science of having it all, choosing the timeline of your highest potential and what you may have to overcome / work through on the way. In this session we will explore:

  • How to step into your greatness, what this means, and what this will take
  • Overcoming the barriers within to living in your limitless potential
  • Tools to deal with whatever comes up on the way.

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Meet Your Instructor

Jana (HAH-nah) Alonso is a renowned integrative healer and business growth strategist with a deep commitment to helping individuals achieve high levels of wealth, joy, love, impact, and growth. As the founder of The School of Integrative Healing, Jana has developed a powerful system of healing that combines multiple modalities and dimensions to provide transformative experiences for her clients. Jana went from making €400 a month, to making her first million using a combination of the practical strategies she teaches, but more than anything the inner work.

Jana takes a unique approach to business growth, recognizing that success demands a holistic understanding of our multidimensional nature. She believes that thriving in business involves not only addressing the physical and practical aspects but also our emotional and mental patterns, our soul connection, and energetic mastery. In her role as a trauma healing expert, Jana is dedicated to assisting individuals in healing from past traumas, as she considers trauma healing an essential component of the integrative healing process. Her ultimate goal is to support clients in attaining emotional and physical well-being helping them reach their full potential.

Jana’s exceptional abilities as an educator and mentor have guided numerous individuals towards transformative personal and professional development. With an unwavering dedication to integrative healing and fostering business growth, she is wholeheartedly committed to empowering others to reach their utmost potential.

Warning: Side effects of this program may include unprecedented boat loads of get it done-ness with a sprinkling of money, and fun!

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Four steps to make your business more fun, joyful and profitable

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