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MultiDimensional Sales

30 Day Challenge

A 30 day multidimensional sales challenge, where you will not only learn how to sell (practically), but work through your inner blockages that keep sales feeling tricky, when they can be natural, easeful + frequent.

What it’s going to look like:

Starting LIVE session – August 14th @ 6 pm
Ending LIVE session – Sep 15th @ 7:30 pm
Prompts Monday, Wednesday + Friday
Private FB community to support each other as you learn to master the art of sales

At the end or our 30 day Challenge:

  • You will know the practical habits and strategies that lead to sales
  • Will have worked through the inner wounds that block sales
  • You will have created the energetic + practical pathways to make the money you want
  • Feel a lot more comfortable with visibility + selling
  • Have repeatable money making systems that work
  • A network / community who is refining their sales skills

Upgrade Option:

  • Friday voxer (4 fridays) for group personalised sales support. 
  • Pricing if you buy WITH the sales challenge: €1111 (pre-sale), €1222 (early-bird), €1333 (last min), €1444 (full price)
  • If you have already bought the sales challenge or are in the School, the upgrade is a flat rate of €499