Love and money

a tsih immersion

mastering Love and Money:
the art of balancing both

This immersion is created for the spiritual entrepreneur who wants it all, love & money. Impact & success. A thriving romantic relationship as well as an overflowing bank account.

Unlocking the Path to Abundance: Removing Inner Blocks to Love and Money.

Achieving true abundance in love and money requires a willingness to take radical responsibility and remove inner blocks that are keeping you from what you truly desire.

Join us for a transformative 3-day immersion experience that will help you identify and work through the internal barriers that have been holding you back.

Through deep, self-healing work, you will discover that by removing these blocks, not only will you increase the love in your life, but also the financial abundance that is your birthright. It’s possible to have both, and it all starts with the work you do internally.

We love immersive experiences because they allow us to dive deep into a topic and emerge transformed.

Curating Your Greatest Love Story

The common preconception is that when you meet the “right” person then that will lead to the happily ever after, no work, nor personal development in sight. It’s just “right”. Bleh! The flip side of this is people saying “Oh love isn’t like the hollywood films” so that they can somehow prevent themselves from feeling the disappointment of not feeling the love they want in this lifetime, or the reality of their relationship. What if there was an inbetween, where happily-ever-afters exist, but instead of this being a rose-tinted hollywood fantasy, this is a grounded practical reality that we can all create with enough willingness, and self responsibility. What if this was never ever about someone else, but a personal journey for YOU inside yourself? This is what we will explore in this hour workshop, that will last a lifetime.

From Trigger to Transformation: A Guide

The biggest thing that keeps us away from love is that as adults we operate from our childhood trauma, and this ESPECIALLY comes out in our relationships. Now, when you don’t make the unconscious conscious, it dictates the health of your relationships and you call it fate. Now when you know how to take your trigger, and transform them into healing, not only do your relationships become a sacred path of healing, BUT you create more space for love, intimacy and connection. Win win win win.

Rising in Healthy Love

Most of us were modelled relationships that didn’t depict all that is possible is love, relating and intimacy. So, for no fault of our own, we arrive in adulthood confused, limited + unclear on what a healthy loving relationship looks like. We don’t know how to navigate the challenges of modern day like in partnership. A healthy relationship isn’t a perfect relationship without any problems, it’s a relationship that knows how to navigate them. In this hour session I will go through the 4 stages of relationships, so that you know where you are at, and the healthy journey that any relationship goes through.

Coaching and Relationships: The Art of Navigating Difficult Business Conversations

We have this common preconception that the relationships in our businesses and working lives should just work, and if they don’t walk away, fire them or retreat, because CONFLICT, DISAGREEMENT? Is there anything worse? Sometimes walking away is the best thing to do, it is, AND sometimes you will miss a lot of gold for not staying and navigating the uncomfortable stuff. You always know a person who stays, they are no longer shakable, they fit in the fire and make gold.

Building Strong Business Relationships for Increased Financial Success

The quality of your business will depend on the quality of your relationships. Now this won’t be a session on how to use people for your goal-achieving intentions, no, it’s more about how you can become the most loving person in the room, build genuine relationships that will 100% lead to increased revenue. I will talk about collaborations, client-coach dynamics + working relationships within an organisation.

Behind the Scenes of Healthy Business Relationships: An Insider’s Perspective

In every single business there is what meets the eye, what you can see at face value. AND THEN there is what is happening underneath the surface to create what we can see. Just like in romantic relationships, within businesses, people’s unconsciousness meet, drama dynamics play out, trauma plays out… Your awareness of what is ACTUALLY happening here is key, you can either get locked into cycles of unconscious drama, or you can rise above it. But first you may know what is actually happening under the surface.

Understanding the Energetics of Love and Money

When you look at the statistics, you’ll see that as wealth rises way above the normal, that divorce and relationship dissatisfaction starts to increase as well. Why is that? Is it that money makes people bad, just like we are commonly taught? Or is it something significantly deeper that’s happening beneath the surface? In this session you’ll see that there’s a whole new energetic field when holding love, and money, and letting yourself hold both. Only when we understand that playing in love, and money, is different to playing in JUST money, or JUST love, can we really thrive in both.

Love Talk for the Accomplished Entrepreneur

In my relationship I am currently the breadwinner, I wanna be clear that he contributes, but I make significantly more. When this situation started to happen I didn’t have any reference points of other strong powerful women doing the same, who maintained polarity at the same time. When I went into relationship healing circles I was told the same thing again and again, the man needs to make more to maintain feminine-masculine dynamics, which meant me either playing smaller than I am or losing the love of my life. When I sat with it, I asked myself, can I truly be wealthy if I can’t choose who I love? With 100s of millions in my account would I really care how my partner is bringing in, as long as he contributes. So we then started the journey of finding polarity and balance in other ways, what we have discovered has been mind-blowing and I can’t wait to open this conversation with you all.

Mastering the Art of Having it All

Having it all is something that is being thrown around a lot at the moment, but what does it really mean, and what does it really take, practically? What’s the difference between someone who simply desires it all, and yet doesn’t experience it, and the person who becomes a living embodiment of it? This is an hour curated for the high achieving woman who wants to blow her mind about what’s possible for her, as well as getting a map for the way. As always my favourite thing is making the energetic practical and tangible.

  • Curating your Greatest Love Story
  • From Trigger to Transformation: A Guide
  • Rising in Healthy Love
  • Coaching and Relationships: The Art of Navigating Difficult Business Conversations
  • Building Strong Business Relationships for Increased Financial Success
  • Behind the Scenes of Healthy Business Relationships: An Insider’s Perspective
  • Understanding the Energetics of Love and Money
  • Love Talk for the Accomplished Entrepreneur
  • Mastering the Art of Achieving Love and Financial Success

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