Awakening the Wild Woman

A multi-modality intensive.

This 3-day immersion is designed to help you shed the layers of conditioning, blocking you from tapping to who you really are, and activating your pleasure, vitality and magnetism.

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  • Do you feel like there is a part of you missing, you can’t put your finger on it, but you thought life would be better than this?
  • Do you want more pleasure, joy, vitality, abundance and truth in your life?
  • Do you find yourself always pleasing others? Putting their needs in front of yours? Do you want to make changes, but don’t know how?
  • Do you get stuck in your mind, in repetitive thoughts patterns and feel disconnected from your body
  • Do you have big dreams, but keep feeling that something is getting in your way? 
  • Do you keep repeating the same patterns, and want to change but don’t know how?
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“The A.W.W. inmersion really showed me the power of the feminine. I felt so held and in my own power during those days. It is an immersion that allows you to flow in the feminine, understand yourself and hold yourself (the masculine). I love that I can repeat the practices whenever I feel like it, and really put them in practice and repetition. It was eyeopening and transformative.”

– Sherise Strang

Are you ready to...

3 Day Course Content

Day 1 – C L E A R

An introduction to the Wild Self

Living in authenticity & reclamation of the Wild Self

A map of the next few days

Release and reset your nervous system

Connect with your wild nature

Awaken your divine creativity

Clearing trauma from the emotional body, so you can break life-long patterns & create a life you actually desire

Step into energetic and emotional congruence with your dreams

Day 2 – E M B O D Y

How to connect with your body, it’s wisdom & why it’s important

Ways to overcome to obstacles to embodiment

The power of FEELING

Quantum meditations & activations

Mindfully connect to your body, support healing & attract abundance with life force energy

Guided embodiment ritual transmuting pain to pleasure, and numbness to feeling

Activating the infinite wisdom that lays beneath the skin, giving you space to go within, and purge, so that what’s ready to come can begin

Womb led business, a new way of birthing business through pleasure

Day 3 – I N T E G R A T E

The energetics behind following your desires + making them a  reality

How to become magnet for what you want

Channelled guidance for clear directing on your souls path and next steps

Contact with multidimensional guides

Quantum energy adjustments working on your aura and DNA to upgrade your systems and align with a higher frequency

The final piece, who I am beneath all of the conditioning?

Integrating the disowned parts of the Self, to bring you closer to WHOLENESS.

Authenticity, reclaming the true Self & bringing back your light.

Lifelong access to the immersion, unlimited replays + access to the written notes

  • The Wild Self
  • The Breath Club
  • Emotional Clearing
  • The Art of Embodiment
  • Re-Wilding Ritual
  • Womb Cleaning
  • Feminine and Masculine Dynamics
  • Channelled Guidance

Access to tangible tools & techniques designed to shift you on a deep cellular level

6 powerful teachers and experts in their field

Healing and journeying to authenticity in community

I want to awaken my wild self...

IH 3 -Day Immersion
Total Value = €3800

When you invest in the AWW Immersion you’ll be getting:

  1. 9 comprehensive workshops where you actually experience mutliple modalties & healing arts, instead just getting lost in more theory (1800 value)
  2. Tools & techniques to create real tangible change in your life (€1500 value, but can you really put a price on this?)
  3. All classes, tools & techniques available to you for life (infinite value)

Price today = €1555

I have been following Jana since 2018 when our paths crossed unexpectedly whilst I was on maternity leave looking after my daughter. As I was watching my baby grow, I was also a witness to Jana’s personal and business transformation which has been phenomenal. I really wanted to experience her teachings so when AWW came up I decided to join and make the most of it. I took the time off, booked an Airbnb and went away for a few days so that I could participate in the immersion by being fully present but also to peacefully integrate and rest. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

The classes we had with Jana and all her co-teachers were life-changing, all were a great mixture of theory and practical application. The immersion opened up new ways of thinking and being in my body and everything that I learned during AWW has had a tremendous impact on me as an individual and as a parent. I am so much more equipped to hold space for my daughter’s emotional expression, assuring her that the innate wisdom of her body is what she is here to trust over any external authority. There has not been a week since the immersion where I haven’t used some of its wisdom and for that, I will be forever grateful to Jana and her team.