june intensive

The Embodied CEO

June 20 to 23

The Embodied CEO is the ultimate journey of maturation for the spiritual entrepreneur + visionary. An equal pairing of Healer (/master of their reality) and Leader (of themselves/their team/their clients).

The Embodied CEO is matures leadership from the old paradigm of:

> trying to get people to do what you want <<

to become a spiritual path of inner growth, love,
transformation + wild success in your business ecosystem.

I have found that the greater a leader someone is (of their life, and business), the greater their results in terms of impact + growth. This is why it’s essential for anyone on the path of conscious wealth, impact and success to grow the embodied CEO muscle.

EARLY BIRD PRICING: One payment of €2700

Day 1 - Tools of transformation


  • How to Create Any Result You Desire (4 part shamanic journey)
  • Inner Child Business Alchemy

Day 2 - Tools of Transformation


  • Boundaries In Business

  • Bonus: Business Hypnotherapy

Day 3 - Leadership


  • Setting Standards + Boundaries in Your Team / Client Community
  • The Laws of Leadership with Jana + Craig

Day 4 - Team Training


  • Branding + Design with Corinne
  • Operations + Funnels with Sharon
  • Support + Business Building with Tamsin
  • Team Culture Creation with Jana

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