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The Embodied CEO

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The Embodied CEO is the ultimate journey of maturation for the spiritual entrepreneur + visionary. An equal pairing of Healer (/master of their reality) and Leader (of themselves/their team/their clients).

The Embodied CEO is the evolution of leadership from the old paradigm of:

>> trying to get people to do what you want <<

…to becoming a spiritual path of inner growth, love,
transformation + wild success in your business ecosystem.

I have found that the greater a leader someone is (of their life, and business), the greater their results in terms of impact + growth. This is why it’s essential for anyone on the path of conscious wealth, impact and success to grow the embodied CEO muscle.

LAST MINUTE PRICING: One payment of €2300

Day 1 - Tools of transformation


How to Create Any Result You Want [4 part shamanic journey]

  • Harnessing the power of the healer, is harnessing the power of the creator. Healing and creating are different sides of the same coin. You can’t talk about building a business without talking about becoming a master manifestor, and creating the life you want from the energetic plane.

    Here I will also teach a repeatable shamanic healing technique that directly guides you to shift your state of consciousness and therefore shift the results in your life.

Inner Child Business Alchemy

  • Childhood trauma is an interesting concept to understand. What I have found is that there are TWO main places your wounding shows up and that’s 1) in your relationships AND 2) your business.

    Business IS the healing journey, business IS the path to ultimately healing yourself, however in order to stop repeating unhealthy patterns you need to have awareness of what’s showing up AND tools to transmute it when it does.

    Here we will also briefly mention the childhood trauma types and how they can show up in business. 

Day 2 - Tools of Transformation


Boundaries In Business


  • You cannot build a business that is not energetically sustainable, because even if it is profitable, at some stage you are going to collapse. One of the M A I N ways people burn themselves is by having terrible Boundaries, therefore this is an essential part in becoming a CEO.

    Long gone is the time where martyrdom & self sacrifice are worn like badges of honour. We are now welcome in a NEW era where business, wealth & service serves the community AND the individual EQUALLY! So we need to learn Boundaries. We also speak about how codependency shows up in business and can be the very reason for your financial glass ceiling.

Bonus: Business Hypnotherapy


  • Information is not transformation. Only that which you integrate deeply into your unconscious mind will change your vibrational point of attraction, your state of being and ultimately your life. This is why our midway session is an opportunity for you to lay back & enjoyyyyyyyy a business hypnotherapy designed to catapult you into leadership & biz mastery.

Day 3 - Leadership


Evolving into the CEO role

  • A practical framework to support your evolution into the most badass, unshakable, loving, boundaired, present, impactful CEO that already exists in you. You can use this framework in your life, just like in your business. It is eternally useful, and it is the key ingredient in becoming the version of you who can harness lifelong success.


    You are your greatest business asset. So this is an hour in name of your evolution, and stepping into the greatness within.

Standards, Boundaries & Military Leadership with Craig

  • When I met Craig (my partner) we were so taken back by how opposite we were in skill sets and yet so complimentary. Where I have fallen, and cried, evolving into the embodied CEO, after 13 years in the Navy, Craig specialises in teaching military level leadership to the CEOs of multi-million €$£ companies. He actually makes it look easy. Therefore I have got him to come and speak on some of the core pieces necessary to run a team SO TIGHT that they could navigate a war environment.

Day 4 - Team Training


Branding + Design with Corinne


  • Business & brand go hand in hand. It’s very hard to scale a business into the multi-6/7/8 figure range without having a clear well positioned brand. Corinne was the master behind our brand, our design work and initially even our social media. She’s going to be teaching on the core aspects of branding, what you need to know, what it looks like to work with a designer and much more.

Operations + Funnels with Sharon


  • My most asked questions in business are about our team, and how it all works together. Well, meet Sharon, the brain behind all the logistics on the backend of the business. She is our OBM (online business manager), and she’s going to talk all about the different levels of support you can get, how to work with an OBM & what to expect.

    Sharon has worked with people like Brendan Kane, Gina deVee, and many more well known people in the industry. She has 21 years experience so come with your questions, and be prepared to learn. 

Support + Business Building with Tamsin


  • You all know and love Tamsin. She is probably my most front facing team member. Tam does everything lol. It’s hard for us to define Tam’s role, but in essence she is my right hand woman, operations manager, networking extraordinaire & general biz queen. Tamsin has been with me since the beginning so can answer any questions around scaling from the perspective of the team, from the start to now.

    Tam will define her role, and share insights on how to hire, train and work with the core team member.

Team Culture Creation with Jana


  • Enjoy learning from Jana about how she developed her 7-figure team and more.

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