The School of Integrative Healing Certification

The Integrative Healing Certification programme is the first of its kind in history. The system of Integrative Healing took Jana 10+ years to build, and now it is time to share it with the world. Members of this offer are certified by The School of Integrative Healing to become practitioners of the multiple healing modalities in the system.

This unique healing work is the foundation to living life as a creator. It places an emphasis on diving into wounds, trauma, and consciousness in order to step into your limitless potential. In each wound there is gold, and through the Certification, members will be taught how to alchemise those experiences, both in themselves and with others, to ultimately live more abundant and fulfilled lives (in all areas of life).

This certification is for those who desire a deeper understanding of healing from multiple dimensions (physical, emotional, mental, on the level of the soul & energetic). At the end of the certification course, practitioners will feel confident in their knowledge of how all the dimensions of healing fit together in one unified system, and how they can help their clients in a more comprehensive, integrated level with these multidimensional modalities.

modalities covered...

  • The neuroendocrine system
  • How trauma and chronic stress impact the body physically (and how to heal this)
  • Integrative nutrition
  • Emotional clearing
  • Tools to reprogram the unconscious mind
  • Relationships + the unconscious mind
  • Trauma types
  • Healing trauma through sexual healing
  • Shamanic medicine
  • Energy medicine
  • Belief work
  • Embodiment
  • Manifestation
  • Wealth energetics
  • The basics of business

TSIH Certification Program includes

  • 1 year in The School of Integrative Healing
  • Education on the multiple healing modalities
  • Exams on the modalities from all four bodies
  • Practice sessions for practitioners
  • Education and practices emphasizing beliefs, money, manifestation, and business
  • 4 books just for the certification program, helping you consolidate all the IH modalities
  • Support with case studies, to hone your skills as a practitioner
  • 2 monthly certification calls
  • Private Practitioner Facebook community
  • 2-day, in-person training on various healing modalities (Food and accommodation not included)
  • Sessions to support as you navigate situations as a practitioner
  • Becoming certified by TSIH
  • TSIH Certification logo on your website
  • Being part of our directory of certified integrative healing experts

€25k or 12 payments of €2222

(check out below for the VIP upgrade)

TSIH Certification VIP Program includes

Everything included in the Certification program plus…

  • Monthly group voxer (audio coaching)
  • Instant access to all program upgrades
  • 2-day in person business accelerator
  • Instant access to all VIP bonuses / add ons

€27k or 12 payments of €2400


This program is for all women who believe in being self led + are ready to take full responsibility for their healing. The School of IH is all about self healing, so if you are looking for someone to heal you this is the wrong course for you.

On that topic, if you are choosing to join this course from a place of wanting to be healed by someone else, know that this School is not for you. I don’t heal anyone, I educate you to heal and lead yourself. The School of IH is a place for educating badass genius woman who have a vision and wanna live an extraordinary life. Don’t worry if you don’t feel fully in your power yet, that is the point of this work.

Lifetime access to the membership portal + the Thursday workshops. Access to the daily practices is only available when you are in the school.

No refund policy. We believe in self leadership, and taking full responsibility for your commitments.

Mondays 6pm (fb live)

Wednesday 6pm (fb live)

Thursdays 9am (zoom)

Fridays (fb live)

For those of you who cannot make it, the recorded sessions will be uploaded after every group call.

  • There is a client care team that’s soul job is supporting YOU.
  • A Facebook group is established for all the people going through the course. This is the best place to ask questions and share experiences.
  • All IH students also have access to 10/15min calls with our support queens Tamsin + Noor. They also handle all the mechanics and structural parts of IH so are the ladies to reach out too. 
  • If you have any urgent, private or other enquiries you can also email
  • Jana is only available during teaching times.

You can email, book in a call with Jana’s team or message Jana directly (@janabartlettalonso) for more information regarding the course.