Our certified practitioners

The Integrative Healing Certification programme is the first of its kind in history. The system of Integrative Healing took Jana 10+ years to build, and now it is time to share it with the world. Members of this offer are certified by The School of Integrative Healing to become practitioners of the multiple healing modalities in the system.

This unique healing work is the foundation to living life as a creator. It places an emphasis on diving into wounds, trauma, and consciousness in order to step into your limitless potential. In each wound there is gold, and through the Certification, members will be taught how to alchemise those experiences, both in themselves and with others, to ultimately live more abundant and fulfilled lives (in all areas of life).

Our practitioners are confident in their knowledge of how all the dimensions of healing fit together in one unified system, and how they can help their clients in a more comprehensive, integrated level with these multidimensional modalities.

Our students are certified and tested in our 4 core pillars of Integrative Healing:


  • The neuroendocrine system
  • How trauma and chronic stress impact the body physically (and how to heal this)
  • Integrative nutrition
  • Emotional clearing
  • Tools to reprogram the unconscious mind
  • Relationships + the unconscious mind
  • Trauma types
  • Healing trauma through sexual healing
  • Shamanic medicine
  • Energy medicine
  • Belief work
  • Embodiment
  • Manifestation
  • Wealth energetics
  • The basics of business

Certified TSIH Practitioners

Shakti Ma

Namaste, my name is Shakti. I was offered this name from one of my teachers, the meaning of Shakti is the female energy behind all creation and manifestation. He had seen me going from a burned-out people pleaser perfectionist, to ➡️️ a healthy, happy and successful entrepreneur and powerful creator of life.

This journey accelerated as I joined Jana Bartlett in The School of Integrative Healing and also in her Certification and Mastermind program, where I not only learned but started to LIVE the teachings. And they all come back to ONE thing. Healing. If we don’t heal what is limiting, stopping and blocking us and start to REALLY take responsibility (with lots of self-love) for everything happening in our lives, nothing will change.

Jana’s programs have literally transformed my life in all areas, which is why I feel so proud and grateful to now offer and spread the gifts of IH’s healing modalities. This is an invitation to heal with me from inside out, through the same inner work I did for my transformation and now being able to shift pain to power.

Your are welcome to contact me for more details on Whatsapp: +46704050962.

Sending you so much love and positive energy,


Insta: s.h.a.k.t.i_m.a

Danguole Litvinskaite


Danguole is a Certified Integrative Healing Specialist. Integrative Healing is an all-encompassing system of healing, life, and business that is a long-term approach to true, holistic transformation.

Danguole is dedicated to your success, wellbeing, and impact. She believes in achieving success without burnout, anxiety, and disconnection from yourself and others. Her mission is to help you reach your goals through an enriching career, impactful leadership, and all-rounded wellbeing. Together, you’ll take it step-by-step, employing short-term conscious tactics to fulfil your long-term strategy for fulfilling success, happiness, and joy.

As an officially accredited PCC level coach by the International Coaching Federation, an integrated leadership development specialist, and an experienced corporate mentor and trainer, she brings over 13 years of experience in the finance and technology corporate world to the table. She lived, worked, and studied in multiple countries, and speaks English, Russian, Lithuanian, and French.

Her approach is interactive, inspiring, and impactful, and it leverages both her personal identity and professional background to provide strategic and practical insights into your career success and personal happiness. Danguole has a superpower of connecting the dots from various areas of your life to empower you to succeed with joy.

If you’re interested in working with Danguole, please DM or schedule a meeting via contact details below.

Title: Certified Integrative Healing Specialist, Career and Leadership Strategy Coach

Contact details:

Danguole Litvinskaite
Jessica Pierce

Jessica Pierce

Meet Jessica Pierce – Your Integrative Healing Coach in Tampa Bay, FL

Welcome to a transformative journey with Jessica Pierce, your dedicated Integrative Healing Coach based out of the vibrant city of Tampa Bay, FL.

About Me

I’m Jessica, and my passion for holistic well-being has been a guiding force in my life. With 19 years of dedicated yoga practice, I’ve witnessed the profound impact that holistic approaches can have on our physical, mental, and spiritual selves. As a Reiki Master and Energy Healer, I bring a wealth of experience in energy clearings and subconscious reprogramming, empowering my clients to harness their inner potential.

What Drives Me

My journey is fueled by a deep love for self-development and a commitment to guiding others on their unique paths. I find immense joy in teaching on manifestation, helping individuals unlock their innate power to shape their reality. My mission is to introduce people to new perspectives, allowing them to see themselves and the world in a more profound and empowering light.

Contact details:
My instagram Jess.viola_
My email Jesspiercecoaching@gmail.com
My website jesspiercecoaching.com


Camille Rimbault

Camille is an explorer at heart, a visionary and a source of inspiration for the world. She is devoted to bringing ancestral wisdom and spirituality back into our modern professional world.

She is a multidimensional business coach and mentor. She guides women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to unleash their power, create generational change through inner healing and manifest heaven on earth through creating and growing heart-led businesses.

Her coaching is multidimensional and experiential: from business to inner healing, strategy to intuition, mindset to emotional agility and neuroscience to ancestral wisdom.

She has a background in engineering and chemistry, and worked several years in corporate Pharma. After burning out she completely changed her life and devoted her time to learning how to heal herself and create multidimensional success so she could help people do the same.

She is the founder of The School of Business and Energetics and of « Le Sommet de l’Inspiration Professionnelle » that gathers thousands of people every year.

She is also a social entrepreneur and an investor.

Title: Multidimensional business coach and mentor. Social entrepreneur. Investor.

Contact details: