The Laws of Leadership Part 2: Embodying the CEO role

Revolutionising the way you see and approach business, wealth and success.

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Have you ever considered how much of an impact your leadership skills have on your company’s success? Recent studies show that the top 10% of leaders make an additional 4.6 million a year, while the bottom 10% of leaders lose a whopping 1.2 million annually. Crazy, right?

The Embodied CEO is the ultimate journey of maturation for the spiritual entrepreneur + visionary, to become the kinda leader that adds 4.6M in revenue. The Embodied CEO is an equal pairing of Healer (/master of their reality) and Leader (of themselves/their team/their clients). 

This masterclass series will take the concept of “healer” and “leader” even further than the May masterclass. Consider this deepening into the leadership work.

Day 1 = The Healer      Day 2 = The Leader




Jana Alonso Bartlett is an integrative healing expert, best-selling author, successful business owner + the founder of the School of Integrative Healing.

If “integrative healing” is not a familiar concept to you, it is a multiple-modality + dimensional approach to self healing. Jana believes that you cannot look at your healing, business or life from one dimension, because you are not one dimensional, you are multi dimensional. Therefore any approach to holistic life + business transformation + expansion, will always fall short if it is not multi-dimensional.

After 11 years of studying the healing arts, and healing herself from depression, an eating disorder, various health complications, as well as the trauma of her mothers passing, she founded the school of IH in 2019. TSIH grew faster than she expected, touching 100s of lives from all over the world, as well as becoming a highly profitable business too. 

TSIH specialises in teaching people to create extraordinary lives from the inside-out, and further than that, to live beautifully, and fully. Healing is not just a process of getting “better” but going from good to great, and becoming the empowered creator in the driving seat of your life (in wealth, business + any other endeavour you may desire).