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Jana Bartlett Alonso

Jana Bartlett Alonso is an integrative healing expert, best-selling author, multi 6-figure business owner + the founder of the School of Integrative Healing.

If “integrative healing” is not a familiar concept to you, it is a multiple-modality + dimensional approach to self healing. Jana believes that we cannot look at your healing from one dimension, because you are not one dimensional, you are multi-dimensional. Therefore any approach to healing, or changing your life, that is not multi-dimensional will always fall short.

After 10 years of studying the healing arts, and healing herself from depression, an eating disorder, various health complications, as well as the trauma from her mothers passing she founded the School of IH in 2019. TSIH grew far faster than anyone expected, touching 100s of women lives from all over the world + becoming a multi 6 figure business in only a year & 3 months.

TSIH specialises in teaching women to heal themselves inside out, and  further than that, to live beautifully, and fully. Healing is not just a process of getting “better” but living the full life you were destined to.