This comprehensive business bundle by The School of Integrative Healing is now available as a special for Black Friday.

This business bundle includes my 4 Pillars of MultiDimensional Business course Parts 1 & 2 (normally €7777) AND Love & Money (normally €3500 and you can check it out here), my signature business and love relationship program.

The 4 Pillars of MultiDimensional Business courses will revolutionise the way you see and approach business, wealth and success. We explore the best way to set up your business for consistent high cash months, alchemise the mental & emotional wounds blocking your success, connect to the soul of your business, and create from the energetic. Read more about the course here:

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You must have purchased the MDB Program in order to qualify for the VIP Upgrade

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White Diamonds are the rarest diamonds that exist (not to be confused with transparent diamonds, which are the most common). It is said that white diamonds make up less than 1% of all diamonds, which is extremely appropriate for this mastermind as it is truly for the 1%. Actually the White Diamond Evolution Mastermind is for the 1% of the 1% who want to not only create a wild amount of wealth, and success, but do it in a way that is sustainable, grounded in spirituality, harmony and inner work.

This elite program is a hybrid elite community, healing + educational MasterMind for those who are here for impact, soul service + wealth. This year experience will be about mastering the spiritual + material plane, as well as being in an elite community of visionaries, impact makers, founders, CEOs + luminaries.

This year experience will be about expanding in money, and success, but will also take you much further and deeper than that in to your own internal transformation. 

Join by Monday 27th, and get our super fun luxury bonus – a private 2-3 day training teaching you how to heal, clear + protect yourself energetically with Integrative Quantum Medicine. Prepare for a journey of a lifetime.


Jana Bartlett Alonso

Jana (HAH-nah) Alonso is a renowned integrative healer and business growth strategist with a deep commitment to helping individuals achieve high levels of wealth, joy, love, impact, and growth. As the founder of The School of Integrative Healing, Jana has developed a powerful system of healing that combines multiple modalities and dimensions to provide transformative experiences for her clients. Jana went from making €400 a month, to making her first million using a combination of the practical strategies she teaches, but more than anything the inner work. 

Jana takes a unique approach to business growth, recognizing that success demands a holistic understanding of our multidimensional nature. She believes that thriving in business involves not only addressing the physical and practical aspects but also our emotional and mental patterns, our soul connection, and energetic mastery. In her role as a trauma healing expert, Jana is dedicated to assisting individuals in healing from past traumas, as she considers trauma healing an essential component of the integrative healing process. Her ultimate goal is to support clients in attaining emotional and physical well-being helping them reach their full potential.

Jana’s exceptional abilities as an educator and mentor have guided numerous individuals towards transformative personal and professional development. With an unwavering dedication to integrative healing and fostering business growth, she is wholeheartedly committed to empowering others to reach their utmost potential.