the four pillars of

Multidimensional Business

revolutionising the way you see and approach business, wealth and success.

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Day 1 - The Physical

The structures and strategies behind a sustainable business that creates lifelong impact and legacy.

Workshop One – Sustainable Consistent Cash
The secret to creating a business model that is sustainable, and brings in regular high cash months, instead of being on a rollercoaster of highs and lows depending on how your launch goes.

Workshop Two – The Science of the Cash Injection
How to utilise bonuses, events + other marketing strategies and make “cash injections” part of your business model.

Workshop Three – 6-Figure Days + Weeks
The exact methodology we have used to create 6 figure days and weeks (sales). Here we give you two options so that you have a choice.

Workshop Four – The Unspoken Laws of Audience Growth (& the social media web)
Many business owners believe that the only way to grow your audience is through virality, and huge social media numbers, and this simply isn’t true. We wanna teach you multiple ways that you can grow your audience on the daily, whilst making sure that this growth isn’t just fancy numbers, but makes you money.

Day 2 - The Emotional & Mental

The beliefs + wounds we must alchemise to be able to step into the fullness of our destiny + power. The trauma piece in the manifestation puzzle.

Workshop One – Healing the Wounds that Block Sales
What if sales could be sacred, fun and pleasurable? Well that’s the byproduct of this workshop

Workshop Two – Bursting Through Your Upper Limits

Your nervous system has a limit to the amount of good it can hold, the term “upper limit” was coined by Gay Hendricks to explain this phenomenon. This limit is an unconscious thermostat we have programmed in our childhood. The second this threshold is reached we will start sabotaging ourselves, in love, good-feeling and money. Good news, the limit can be lifted.

Workshop Three – Changing Your Financial Thermostat & State of Being

Practical tools and techniques to reprogram your financial thermostat and shift your inner state of being, and therefore transform the quality of your life experience.

Workshop Four – Unblock Your Business Through Inner Child Healing

Trauma healing process that you can use every time your business is bringing up a trigger, to transform it into a blessing.

Day 3 - The Spiritual

How to overcome obstacles in your business journey, whilst transforming them into your greatest lessons and gifts.

Workshop One – From Business Blockage To Business Blessing

Every wound holds the medicine for your next level. In this hour I will teach your process to become the ultimate business alchemist.

Workshop Two – Holding Clients To Their Highest Timeline Possible

Holding the vision and faith for your clients when they can’t will be why people come to you, it is the ultimate superpower and foundations of an excellent coach and healer.

Workshop Three – Shamanic Business

Shamanic journeying has been a big part of my business growth journey. In this hour I will share the exact processes I have used to create my reality.


Workshop Four – Connecting To The Soul Of Your Business

Every single business has a soul, and its own journey. Being able to connect with the spirit of your business, and your own greatness means you’ll be building your business from a place of authenticity, not what you think it “should be”.

Day 4 - The Energetic

How to step into the energetic and create from the place of pure possibility, and fast track your results, bend time + grow in a way that doesn’t make logical sense.

Workshop One – Playing In Limitless Prosperity

The energetics behind playing in the frequency of limitless prosperity. The secret sauce to make your strategies work with brilliant efficiency. My favourite pieces in the manifestation journey.

Workshop Two – The Laws of The Universe

One hour that will change your life, the laws of the universe that govern wealth and all creation.

Workshop Three – Living in The Best Case Scenario

Creating the energetic bubble of success, and becoming the embodied leader you were born to be.


Workshop four – Who Are You Becoming?

The most important workshop in this whole training, and the questions you need to ask yourself on the daily.

One payment of €5555

Two payments of €2800

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