the four pillars of

Multidimensional Business

Revolutionising the way you see and approach business, wealth and success.

A deepening for the Committed Entrepreneur who wants to thrive in the high end of the online world.

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Day 1 - The Physical

The structures and strategies behind a sustainable business that creates lifelong impact and legacy. 

For this MDB the focus will be on building the higher tier of your online business, and closing those larger sales with ease.

1. How to Raise Your Pricing + Thrive
The secret to signing bigger deals than ever before in terms of strategy, messaging + appropriate audience growth. These are the practical things you need to know around signing higher paying clients, what works + what doesn’t.

2. Connections That Convert
Business is relationships, you have heard that before, but how do you do this without feeling super spammy in the DMs, and actually create connections that convert in a super natural integral way. I will be revealing my exact frameworks to sign high level high paying clients regularly. 

Day 2 - The Emotional & Mental

The beliefs + wounds we must alchemise to be able to step into the fullness of our destiny + power. The trauma piece in the manifestation puzzle.

3. Working Through the Wounds That Block Big Deals 
Putting your prices up is pretty simple in theory, however from working with multiple entrepreneurs I can tell you that there are multiple wounds that block big deals. “What if I am not good enough to charge that?”  “Who am I to charge that?” “What if no-one signs up?” “What will people think of me if I do that?” This is really the stuff we need to alchemise to put our prices up + actually then make the sale.

4. Reducing Entrepreneur Pressure + Stress
Something I have noticed on my entrepreneurial journey is the amount of pressure + stress that can build up and block your next steps. This hour will be focused on releasing stress, pressure, uncertainty + fear of the future from your body. This will be a repeatable process that you can use an infinite amount of times, whenever you feel a little wobbly on your journey.

Day 3 - The Spiritual

How to overcome obstacles in your business journey, whilst transforming them into your greatest lessons and gifts.

5. How to Thrive + Prosper Through Challenge
Challenge is part of life. However, it doesn’t have to be a big thing if you know how to take it and turn it into goals. This is one of the tools that every single entrepreneur needs to know. This is what keeps me sane, happy + thriving on my journey of infinite expansion + growth.

6. Alchemising + Rising After the DIP in income flow
Income dips are part of business, especially when changing business models or pivoting your audience. What you do in this dip will either take you to your next level, higher than you were before, or the lull will become your new normal. When we understand the science of income dip to quantum leap it feels like we have a semblance of a plan in the void, this is what I wish someone had taught me years ago.

Day 4 - The Energetic

How to step into the energetic and create from the place of pure possibility, and fast track your results, bend time + grow in a way that doesn’t make logical sense.

7. Creating Your Ultimate Life, Business Vision & choosing the Appropriate Business Strategy For You.
The truth of all truths is that a business can look a trillion ways and still be successful. The idea isn’t that your business rules your life, but you create a business that works for you. Therefore when deciding on a business model, strategy or plan for the year, you first have to tap into the greater vision + work from there.

8. Anchoring into The Wish Fulfilled.
We will close MDB part 2 with a hypnotherapy session that will program into your unconscious mind the beliefs systems + frequencies you need to experience that next level of financial growth, as well as creating the neural + somatic programming for your greater vision.

Just MDB Part 2 €2222

MBD Part 1 & 2 €7777

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