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The School of Integrative Healing

Guiding high achievers and entrepreneurs grow personally, financially and professionally through multi-dimensional healing modalities and mentorship.

The School of Integrative Healing is for the high achiever and spiritual entrepreneur who is ready to transform every aspect of their life, from the inside out. The human who is here to say FUCK YES to effortless wealth, love, purpose, health, healing, feeling and becoming the empowered creator of their life. I am going to be honest, I truly believe that anything is possible, and if you spend enough time with me it is likely that you will too.

The School of Integrative Healing is an all encompassing method to help you shed the past, so you can rise, change your destiny, and create the life that you actually want.

We have created several ways that you can experience The School of Integrative Healing…

Free Offerings

Multi-Dimensional Business-Free

your starter kit to a multidimensional business

A revolutionary 4-day journey into the 4 dimensions of a successful and balanced multidimensional business.

I invite you to join me in this upcoming 4-Day Journey:

Day 1 – The physical: The structures and strategies behind a sustainable business that creates lifelong impact and legacy

Day 2 – The emotional & mental: The beliefs + wounds we must alchemise to be able to step into the fullness of our destiny + power. The trauma piece in the manifestation puzzle.

Day 3 – The spiritual: How to overcome obstacles in your business journey, whilst transforming them into your greatest lessons and gifts.

Day 4 – The energetic: How to step into the energetic and create from the place of pure possibility, and fast track your results, bend time + grow in a way that doesn’t make logical sense.

Ready to learn the four dimensions of a successful and balanced multidimensional business?

Manifest with Ease

Manifest with Ease

5 Days, 5 Teachings & 5 Practical Actionable Steps to Build the Life You Want

Learn the science behind manifestation, and its practical application.

Exclusive FREE 5-DAY Challenge in the School of Integrative Healing covers:

  • Learn the skills to manifest that which you desire easefully & effortlessly
  • Access to the practices I have used to heal my relationships, build a multi 6 figure business in less than 2 years, move into a mansion worth 5.1 million + more
  • Practical tools you can start applying right away to increase your wealth, and shaping your reality
  • The exact steps I took to go from needing to borrow money from my parents, to having 6 figures in my bank account in
  • And how you can do all of this whilst prioritising your health + having more nourishing life than ever before.
Integrative Healers FB group

FREE Integrative Healing group

This is truly a safe space for you to grow & heal together. This is also where we will do all of our free events. Between events please feel free to share your wins, your fears or anything on your heart that maybe you struggle sharing else where.



White diamond evolution

An elite multi-modality healing + business mastermind

White Diamonds are the rarest diamonds that exist (not to be confused with transparent diamonds, which are the most common). It is said that white diamonds make up less than 1% of all diamonds, which is extremely appropriate for this mastermind as it is truly for the 1%. Actually the White Diamond Evolution Mastermind is for the 1% of the 1% who want to not only create a wild amount of wealth, and success, but do it in a way that is sustainable, grounded in spirituality, harmony and inner work.



This elite mastermind is for those who consider themselves peak performers in their craft, but also want to thrive in their romantic life, value cultivating peace, are about inner transformation + growth, and want to create a greater impact than just wealth.



This year experience will be about expanding in money, and success, but will also take you much further and deeper than that in to your own internal transformation. Prepare for a journey of a lifetime.



Bespoke 1:1

There are some spots open to work intimately with Jana 1 to 1!

The Bespoke 1:1 VIP container is an intimate mentorship experience for the high-achieving woman looking to grow exponentially in every aspect of her life: from her physical health, her resilience, leadership, capacities for intimacy, self love + her life’s work.

Jana’s high level of mastery and widespread training in multiple healing modalities over the past 11 years makes her approach unlike any other.

Included in this package is 12 months of direct guidance and healing practices from Jana: exclusive Whatsapp access to Jana: two bespoke, in-person weekend accelerators with Jana in Ibiza (one in month 1, one in month 6), membership to The School of Integrative Healing, Comprehensive Health Analyses, access to Jana’s Board of World-Renowned Integrative Healing experts, and more.

Jana only takes on 5 clients per year. All 1:1 experiences are application only, please fill out an application (click below).

Starting at €120k

Our Certification Program

the IH certification Program

We offer a professional program designed for those of you who want to become certified in Integrative Healing.

TSIH Certification

Become one of the few practitioners certified in the revolutionary process of integrative healing.

The Integrative Healing Certification programme is the first of its kind in history. The system of Integrative Healing took Jana 10+ years to build, and now it is time to share it with the world. Members of this offer are certified by The School of Integrative Healing to become practitioners of the multiple healing modalities in the system.



This unique healing work is the foundation to living life as a creator. It places an emphasis on diving into wounds, trauma, and consciousness in order to step into your limitless potential. In each wound there is gold, and through the Certification, members will be taught how to alchemise those experiences, both in themselves and with others, to ultimately live more abundant and fulfilled lives (in all areas of life).



This certification is for those who desire a deeper understanding of healing from multiple dimensions (physical, emotional, mental, on the level of the soul & energetic). At the end of the certification course, practitioners will feel confident in their knowledge of how all the dimensions of healing fit together in one unified system, and how they can help their clients in a more comprehensive, integrated level with these multidimensional modalities.


VIP Option also available. 

Self-Mastery Programs


The School of Integrative healing

The School of Integrative Healing (TSIH) is a 12-month, comprehensive, multiple-modality membership programme that educates and empowers members to self-heal, and create extradorinary lives and businesses from the inside out.


For 12 months you get access to =

  • Monthly intensives on various inner healing & business topics (e.g. money energetics, leadership, high ticket sales, relationships + much more)
  • 170+ sessions on a private podcast designed to reprogram your unconscious mind to become a match to all your desires
  • Meditation hub (including various hypnotherapy sessions, visualisations + everything you need to create your ideal reality) 
  • The TSIH hub (if all courses are bought separately this alone would be valued at €40k+) filled with recorded trainings on manifestation, various aspects of business, inner alchemy, self healing, breath work + so much more.
  • Monthly live sessions with Jana
  • Options to upgrade to the VIP group

Are you a…

Multi-Dimensional Business-Paid

Multidimensional Business

The Four Pillars of MULTIDIMENSIONAL BUSINESS is a self-paced course that will change the lives of all business owners. It is for:

MDB is revolutionising the way the world sees and approaches business, wealth and success. Its unique process of applying the four bodies to business has never been seen before: the physical (the structures and strategies required to build a sustainable & scaleable business), the emotional & mental (the beliefs and wounds we must alchemise in order to step into our greatness), the spiritual (transforming business obstacles into our greatest gifts), and the energetic (creating from a place of pure possibility and bending time to grow exponentially).


Energetic Accelerator

Everyone wants the results, the fat savings account, the big house, the loving relationship and mind-blowing sex life. But people don’t understand what’s actually behind the having of these things, and I will summarise it down for you in two words: energetic momentum.

You know those people you see on the ‘gram that look like they are living in a non-stop trance of sales and good everything? What’s ACTUALLY happening? They’ve spent time building energetic momentum that leads to a state of energetic acceleration. This is the key mind-blowing business results that just don’t make sense on the surface.

Now here’s the final piece of success’ best kept secret: energetic acceleration is built in the dark, it’s built when it looks like nothing is happening, and it’s built through consistent practices that bring us into alignment with what we want.

So no it’s not just one vision board, but a completely whole new way of being that we can train in.

The Energetic Accelerator is a very intentional set of practices for 6 weeks (that must be stuck to consistently) to put you in a state of energetic momentum, to keep building and building to keep drawing more good in.

Healthy Wealth

True Wealth Is Multi-Dimensional In Its Nature, Wealth In Your Relationships, Your Health + Bank.

Discover the art behind mastering health & wealth, whilst breaking the stress-cycle and having the success you really want.

This comprehensive workbook by the school of integrative healing covers:

  • How to manifest your wildest dreams and take them from fantasy into reality
  • The number 1 thing you need to know to increase your health, vitality + joy
  • Practical tools to reduce stress, boost your health, whilst cultivating success
  • Additional activities to help you cultivate more of what you want in your life, less of what you don’t want, bring your body back into harmony & become the version of you that’s a match for your dreams
  • How to create success, whilst respecting & honouring your cyclical feminine nature